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Nick is a NJ boy born and raised, he began his running career in 1997 in High School when his best friend was on the Cross Country team and told him he could never be a runner and could never beat him.  He joined the team his sophomore year and never lost a race to his best friend and ran the rest of high school and continued in college at Monmouth University.  His running career ended, he thought for good in 2003 until he moved to MD in 2010.  In 2011 he ran his first race in 8 years at the Baltimore 10 miler and the following fall at age 29 he accomplished one of his life goals to run a marathon before the age of 30 and completed the Wineglass Marathon.  A new goal was started, to qualify and run the Boston Marathon.  Which he finally did in 2014, probably the highlight race of his life.  1.5 million Fans lined up for 26.2 miles cheering, there is nothing like it and might never be. 

When he started running again in 2011 he did it just to lose weight but he thought his competitive days were long gone.  However, the running community and runners in general have always been ingrained in his life.  So when he moved to MD and started meeting the many amazing runners around the Baltimore area his desire to keep training and running began to come back.  Five years later most of his friends he made in MD have been thanks to running, and to being a part of the amazing running community that is established in the Baltimore and surrounding areas.  He once thought he was done running but like Jake Gyllenhaal, He just can’t quit you running.

He currently lives in Perry Hall, MD but you can find him running all over the place.  He spends most of his time running around the Baltimore streets, up in Aberdeen, around the Mount Washington area, the Gilman Track, or around the many parks in the city.  He runs about 60 miles a week throughout the year, and is currently training for the Berlin Marathon in September of this year.


Recent achievements - I just ran the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, my peak race this spring in 1:14:30 which ended up being a 3 minute personal best.  If you haven’t run it before and can stand being in Steeler Country for a few days it is a really great half or full marathon.

Solo, partner, or group runner – Group runner and it’s not even close.  Ask my wife or my closest friends and they will tell you I might be the most co-dependent person in the history of the world.  Usually why I am willing to drive great distances just to meet up with people for a run. 

Best and Worst trait as it applies to running – My chatty nature!  I have a special talent to just talk about anything and just keep going.  Which either leads people to enjoy running with me or never want to run with me again. 

Pre-race ritual – A beer for a PR (the night before of course), I’ve been doing this before my big races for the past 3 years and it seems quite successful.  Everyone should try it!

Biggest changes in mindset from 20 something year old runner to mid-30 runner – Less pressure, more enjoyment of running.  As a 20 something, every race felt like I had to do my best and I put so much pressure on myself to run my goal every time out.  As a 30 something I still want to run fast but there is more enjoyment with running and therefore less disappointment if something doesn’t go my way, there is always another race.  Plus I still need to mow the lawn after the race anyway!

One item you never run without – My GPS watch #StravaProveIt  I sometimes get too attached to just having it on, I need to go for more technology-less runs.

Treadmill running - chore or fun - Absolute chore.  0 degrees, 100 degrees, snow, rain, or whatever I just want to be outside running not staring at a wall/TV in a hot room.

Most important reason you continue running – It’s to push my limits to see what I can do.  Running is that amazing sport where the more you put into it the more you keep getting out of it.  Running has been such a significant part of my life, I keep running and giving back to it because it has given so much to me over the years.

Ever yelled at aggressive drivers while running – You better believe it, too many close calls over the years.  People driving these 2 ton weapons on wheels who can’t slow down to let me pass an intersection in the pouring rain, instead they speed up to beat me through it… come on now.

Professional race photos: any worth purchasing – Purchasing, no.  But downloading them and posting them on social media with the watermark across them.  That’s the dream!

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